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Kelemen’s “The World’s End: Pub Crawl to Settle It All” Deflates Quickly

In response to Matt Kelemen’s 754‑word review of The World's End on

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Matt Kelemen’s “The World’s End: Pub Crawl to Settle It All“ is a fast-paced production that wastes no time getting to the meat of reviewing this film. At least that’s how it appears but readers quickly discover that they’ve just been thrown into the proverbial lion’s den.

Kelemen kicks off this review immediately delving into the plot line and never finds his way out. There is no warning, no setup: just a hits-the-ground-running style that reveals far too much for comfort.

Breaking a movie down by its plot line is not inherently a bad thing but if you never get past just telling readers what happens in the movie, with no analysis, it will quickly deflate into nothingness. Kelemen shows no fear (and no respect) by revealing key plot points and cameos that readers will now be privy to.

The look of the page is eye-catching, with its gray background and white text and is very readable in a literal sense. Unfortunately for readers, there is no critical eye cast by Kelemen in this review.  

The closing act is weak and has an unfinished feeling to it. Readers are given sneak peaks into Kelemen switching to a more analytical focus but are swiftly ripped back to the reality that all they are, are unfinished points.    

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