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Vincent Mancini’s “Bad Bruce Springsteen Song” Revels in Its Ugliness

In response to Vincent Mancini’s 1128‑word review of Out of the Furnace on FilmDrunk

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Vince Mancini’s “Review: ‘Out of the Furnace,’ AKA Bad Bruce Springsteen Song: The Movie” is one ugly piece of work. Pretentious, self-serving and trying too hard to be funny, but failing miserably, the piece’s sole purpose seems to be to show how intelligent the critic is and the poor mortals who make up the audience should just be happy for the chance to revel in his pearls of wisdom.

The humor here is biting; nothing wrong with that, necessarily, but it should also be funny. Here it never is; in fact, at times it’s incomprehensible. He spends quite a bit of time pointing out how stupid many of the characters in the film are. But his contempt for the audience becomes clear when he makes a point to note some of the positive comments heard from fellow moviegoers after the film was over, making sure to voice it in such a way that questions the speakers’ intelligence. Mancini, of course, then states his negative comments to show how so much more important and meaningful they were what than the rabble he was forced to watch the film with had to say.

There’s also the issue of profanity. Some reviewers include it casually in their work, which is fine. But not everyone agrees to its appropriateness in a review, so the audience should know a critic’s propensity for cursing going in. Suffice it to say, it is littered throughout this piece, and, in this case, only adds to the ugliness.

 Find something less painful to do rather than spending time with Bad Bruce Springsteen Song. Like get a root canal.    

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