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Richard Roeper’s “Out of the Furnace” Is Formulaic and Brusque

In response to Richard Roeper’s video review of Out of the Furnace on Richard

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Richard Roper’s “Out of the Furnace” isn’t quite what one should expect from a veteran critic, and in terms of anything extra like humor or entertainment value “fugedaboutit.”

It’s business as usual when the critic  takes on the film Out of the Furnace;doing so at a pace, and with accuracy that only he himself seems to be capable of. There is a fair amount of plot padding used to ensure a 2. 5 minute runtime. And in standard video review format a fair amount of scenes from the film are played to the backdrop of Roeper’s spot on review. Out of context the scenes make little sense so not much is spoiled about the film.

The review is a bare bones affair. Don’t expect any jokes, anecdotes etc. , Roeper is merely an agent of opinion and he gives his audience just that.  The critic piles adulation upon the principle cast for their performances as well as the director for his stunning vision put to celluloid. There isn’t much of anything, aside from praise of the actors, in the way of legitimate critique and the review is, to put it bluntly, too short. The review ends so abruptly that it could be inferred that Roeper jumped out of his seat, ran from the studio, and floored the gas in his critic-mobile.

Clearly not his best work; the biggest offense committed here is the lack of depth. And considering Roeper is one of the best in the business, one could only expect a bit more from the veteran. Toss this baby back into the fire.    

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