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Eric Snider’s “Kick-Ass 2” Mesmerizes

In response to Eric D. Snider’s 211‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Twitch

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What do you look for in a quality, well-written and thoughtful review? Look no further than Eric Snider and his latest and greatest, “Review: KICK-ASS 2 Sours Whatever Fun There Was The First Time.” Precision, skill and mastery of the written word on all display and it is glorious.

The magnificent tale begins with a look back to the ending of the original, and what made it so unbelievably intriguing. Snider fast-forwards to the present and acknowledges all that is bad, but not necessarily what it may be, just that it is.

Don’t let this intro turn you off, as the author is only warming up and preparing to lead you on an epic journey. Snider takes precious time to keep the reader on ice, and notes the structure and plot points of the film.

Will it be a brief and concise experience like so many other reviews? Surely not. By the end of the superb description, Snider moves on to address the theme of violence, and the ill-fated decisions of the filmmakers. The author never points a finger but raises necessary questions that everyone needs to ask themselves.

Eric Snider’s latest brilliant effort will leave you stunned and searching for more cinematic truth. Let these astonishing words soothe your cinematic soul and may the feeling last forever.    

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