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David Nusair’s “Kick-Ass 2 (November 7/13)” Is a Forgettable Retread

In response to David Nusair’s 262‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Reel Film Reviews

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Apparently trying to breathe some life into the long-dead Kick-Ass 2 review genre, David Nusair’s “Kick-Ass 2 (November 7/13)” fails to uncover any new insights or justify its existence. It doesn’t work as a tribute or homage and it’s unexciting and unnecessary as a serious genre entry. In short, it’s not worth your time.

The most frustrating thing about 2 (November is Nusair’s complete lack of self-awareness. There is no sense that Nusair is aware that he’s writing about a movie that no one is talking about anymore, no wink at the audience, and no celebration of the rich history and accomplishments of the large canon of Kick-Ass 2 reviews. It’s played completely straight, to its own detriment.

It could have been a brilliant success as a chance to revisit what was a particularly fertile and enjoyable era of film criticism, instead it feels more like a long forgotten first draft. Had anyone else found this muddled and uninspired script in an old notebook, they would have simply tossed it. Nusair has published it instead.

Perhaps Nusair chose to release his review this way to avoid competition with the heavy-hitting Kick-Ass 2 reviews. This may prove to be a savvy move, given that his paragraph and appositive heavy work would have failed to gain any traction in what was once a veritable landslide of critical discussion. Even so, it seems that 2 (November was always destined to be ignored.     

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