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Amber Wilkinson Is Modern Monet in “Gravity” Through Pure Impressionism

In response to Amber Wilkinson’s 550‑word review of Gravity on Eye for Film

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The latest from Amber Wilkinson, “Gravity,” may not please everybody, but the artist has crafted a construction of words that will find its way into the hearts of many, though perhaps not their brain.

To be fair, what one must understand about Wilkinson’s Gravity is that it is meant for the senses, and not for one to pick apart with silly concerns over character analysis or nitpicking. It truly is an experience that the reader must be consumed by, and not worry about all the noise of the crazy outside world.

The visuals of Wilkinson’s Gravity will mean something different for each viewer. Some may focus on the very purple background, some on the Eagle eye at the top and others will find joy in the two tiny little images. However, most will agree that a strong header image would have bolstered the appearance.

Wilkinson sets the stage with a breathtaking opening paragraph that will help tekkie nerds transition from all the technical glory to the essence of the human heart.

Atmosphere is key in Wilkinson’s Gravity, and the critic gently glides the reader through a beautiful expansive land of emotion that is the universe. Wilkinson conveys the mood that director Cuaron sets, and helps the reader understand a little about the lead actors. Character analysis is lacking, however audiences must recognize the picture that Wilkinson is painting for all to enjoy.

Gravity is not out of this world, but will have a special place for some.    

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