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Lambrechts and O’Connor Chat It Up in “Dark World Conversational Review”

In response to Stephen Lambrechts’s 2038‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Neon Maniacs

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More often than not, film reviews are a one-way street. You’ve got a single reviewer, a single movie, and a single point of view. That formula is there for a reason: it works. Still, it’s nice to see the occasional review that breaks the mold and tries something a little different.

Stephen Lambrechts and Anthony O’Connor do that with “Thor: The Dark World Conversational Review,” a back-and-forth chit-chat about Thor: The Dark World that shows what fun it can be to take what is usually a monologue and turn it into a dialogue.

Lambrechts and O’Connor have the comfortable rapport of old chums as they engage in some back-and-forth on the film at hand. It feels almost like voyeurism, listening in on a conversation by two friends as they dish some dirt.

Only there’s not a lot of dirt to dish. Everything is very pleasant and congenial and their playfulness is enhanced by their obvious affection for the film they’re reviewing. Even when one reviewer finds fault, the other often steps in with a counterpoint.

If there is one downside to Conversational Review, it is just how long it is. At over 2000 words, it is the length of two already lengthy reviews rather than a just one. That there are two reviewers doesn’t change the fact that it is still a very long read.

Luckily, Conversational Review is entertaining enough to keep the reader’s attention for its duration. It is a nice detour from the usual one-way street of film criticism.    

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