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John Beifuss’ REVIEW: ‘Thor’ Sequel a Really Long Network TV Special

In response to John Beifuss’s 201‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

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Gotta watch out for those Dark Elves… or something, according to reviewer John Beifuss. The critic takes his proverbial hat off to Chris Hemsworth’s impressive Norse god, but is more about  Tom Hiddleson’s tricky-tricky Loki.  

A somewhat typical review of a movie sequel, Beifuss briefly touches on a plotline or two but is mainly concerned with whether or not the movie seems more like a network TV special than anything else. His words concerning the “recycled” humor and imagery from the first films isn’t particularly noteworthy, as don’t most sequels involve the same sets and jokes? 

As with many reviews of comic book movies, Beifuss is besotted with the gadgets and the villains, and notes that Hiddleson overshadows just about everyone else. Well sheesh, don’t most comic book movie villains have the best lines, especially when playing opposite the do-good-and-then-do-more good hero? At least he gives a shout-out to Thor’s so-cool hammer, though it seems Beifuss thinks the hammer is more interesting and has more personality than Thor himself.  

A brief review that at the very least won’t give the plot away, this critic doesn’t spend too much time analyzing the movie, perhaps because he feels it isn’t worth analyzing.     

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