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Bob Grimm Has Child-Like Wonder in “Drifting, Falling”

In response to Bob Grimm’s 651‑word review of Gravity on Tucson Weekly

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Bob Grimm brings the Oscar heat in the sizzling, “Drifting, Falling.” Caution: Hot.

Visually, Drifting, Falling is a bit cold. The appearance is your basic black font over white with just a little bit of red in the background. The only image is one of George Clooney looking like he is slowly fading away from the reader, and younger readers may be traumatized.

The critic Grimm is enormously successful in conveying his general feelings about the film. One will be struck by the amount of excitement and vigor of the critic’s words. Grimm’s energy is admirable, and his child-like wonder injects Visually, Drifting with life.  

Grimm uses a basic structure which is accessible for the reader, however it doesn’t allow much room to run wild and get lost in the space between. Grimm’s writing ability is certainly above average though, and he knows how to engage the reader with thoughtful information on the director.

Despite all the hype about the film, Grimm says little about the performance of Sandra Bullock. When a critic brings up Oscar buzz, then the reader will undoubtedly demand a bit of insight which is totally lacking here. It is a perplexing choice indeed.

Visually, Drifting sizzles with the energetic words of Grimm, however he made need to step it up a notch with the next review to reach legendary status.    

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