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Tracie Cooper Escapes Self-Imposed Curse in “The Hunger Games…”

In response to Tracie Cooper’s 695‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on TV Guide's Movie Guide

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The foreboding sense of dread is so tangible when delving into “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, one is skeptical the author, Tracie Cooper, will be able to avoid becoming consumed by it. Fortunately, she is able to escape the abyss, albeit scratching and clawing.

The aura surrounding the tone set by the author screams “go back before it’s too late!” From the overly embellished text, indicating obvious resistance from the author, to the outright skepticism relayed upon her subject’s potential, all add up to a grim situation. Thankfully, light manifests at the end of the corridor and slowly becomes brighter, eventually enveloping the reader in a thick blanket of love.

Common sense and direct assessment are unquestionably Tracie’s greatest strengths, and they are on full display here as she leads the reader through the gloom to the promised land. The only hindrance along the way appears to be the author’s own initial suspicions. She never fully seems to escape her demons, and that works toward her detriment. Oddly, it also seems to offer unintentional assistance as it produces a negative counterbalance to facilitate the opportunity for redemption, a talent the author possesses which may not be as evident otherwise.

In conclusion, Tracie is her own worst enemy, as well as her best friend, in Games: Catching Fire. Whether it is completely unintentional or something employed purposely to increase the allure is up to the reader to decide. But what is not broken need not be repaired. Indeed, this work, like an old house, has a charm and appeal that may not be apparent without the occasional creaking of the floorboards. In that respect, maybe this should simply be appreciated for the security and warmth it ultimately provides to the reader.    

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