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Gary Thompson Avoids Analysis; Examines Final Shots in “Forces of Nature”

In response to Gary Thompson’s 702‑word review of Gravity on Philadelphia Daily News

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Gary Thompson offers short, structured paragraphs in “Gravity is a force of nature”, but fails to connect with the general reader by providing a sufficient analysis.

Force of Nature opens with a staccato-like combination of sentences that essentially provides nothing to the audience.

The plot summary in Force of Nature is choppy, and Thompson offers only brief sentences that communicate the specifics of the film and performances. Readers will quickly realize that Force of Nature won’t be spending much time on deep analysis.

Thompson’s writing style can be effective, and some readers may enjoy the pace, however it doesn’t mesh with the film being reviewed. The tone feels out-of-place and ill-fitting.

Thompson uses several references in Force of Nature, but most will be disappointed by the critic’s failure to examine the acting techniques of the actors, or even a strong opinion on what works and what doesn’t. Instead, Thompson seemingly offers a continuous flow of information that appears to lead nowhere.

By the end of Force of Nature, Thompson addresses the directing skills of Alfonso Cuaron, but then shocks with a commentary on the final shots. One will question why Thompson would disrespect the readers by not staying clear of the conclusion. Force of Nature should be avoided for this very reason.    

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