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Frank Swietek’s “Gravity” Is an Unhelpful, Unabashed Movie Comparison

In response to Frank Swietek’s 962‑word review of Gravity on One Guy's Opinion

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Frank Swietek’s “Gravity” cannot be understood if one has not seen the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, and even for those who have, Gravity is a piece plagued by typos, miscues, and confusing, rambling run-on sentences.

Swietek’s Gravity opens on a barren page. Save for a couple links, the review is nothing more than black text in white space. The minimalist work does not work well in describing a film with notable imagery: there are no stills accompanying Swietek’s Gravity.

From lift off, Swietek’s Gravity has an identity disorder. It is lost in comparisons to 2001: A Space Odyssey. He very much wants the present film to be the latter, and thus, he drowns in analogies that are at best loosely relevant and at worst distracting and unhelpful.

“Ofs” are used instead of “ors” and italics has not been invented yet in Swietek’s Gravity. This jolts the reader as he tries to make his way through long, meandering sentences crowded with allusions and parenthetical asides. In the end, the meaning is lost.

The final nail in the coffin for Swietek’s Gravity is the tell-all plot description. The reviewer leaves no stone unturned as he reveals the fates of each main character.

Swietek’s Gravity was a mistake and should be avoided unless readers are looking for a prolonged analogy that leaves one stranded in space with no hope for rescue.    

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