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Peter Howell’s “Gravity” Keeps Us Adequately Tuned-in With His Review

In response to Peter Howell’s 594‑word review of Gravity on Toronto Star

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Peter Howell’s “Gravity keeps us gloriously lost in space: review” envelops the reader with stellar writing style. Howell begins with an engaging plot description that connects the reader on a symbolic and emotional level to his portrayal of Gravity.

Howell has much to praise about Gravity, but just when the reader thinks he’s  going to slip into a cheesy commercial announcer voice, he raises the bar with a critically sober account of the movie’s few yet obvious flaws. Here, the eyes do not let the mind down. On the contrary, this is where Howell really shines as a review writer, where his excellent way with words reveals itself to be founded upon entertaining intelligence and sarcasm.

Howell goes on to explain the deeper symbols of Gravity with equal parts engaging style, excellent grammar, and fluid pace. His insights about the film are both accessible and cosmic, which has the effect of double-layering the reader in a meaningful movie review world and an amazing portrayal of a universal landscape captured by film.

The review winds down with a heady tone, yet ends on a note of levity, which rings true enough that the reader might feel the urge to clap at the computer screen.    

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