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Bob Bloom Bores With No Nonsense “Ender’s Game”

In response to Bob Bloom’s 392‑word review of Ender’s Game on Journal and Courier (Lafayette, IN)

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Bob Bloom is a movie reviewer. He is also a writer. He uses declarative sentences in their most basic form. The sentences are short. There is no syntactical variety. This lack of variation makes “Bloom: ‘Ender’s Game’ an antiwar war film” very businesslike. It also makes it boring.

Bloom does not like the movie. It is “sloppy”, “depressing”, “spiritless” and “bleak.” But he does like some of it because he says “Ender’s Game” is a compelling and intriguing science-fiction saga.” It also “is disturbing and morally questionable for its exploitation of children to wage war.” Bloom could have included more critique. There is a lot of exposition. Many critics do this to fill space. Bloom does this too.

He also talks about the questions of morality in the film. This is an okay thing to do. Critics like to talk about moral questions in films. It is one part of their job. But it is not the only part of their job. They can’t forget to critique the film too. This would mean they are not doing their job.

This review is not an especially compelling or interesting review. It has elements that hold it back from being good. You don’t have to read it.    

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