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Josh Larsen’s “Nebraska” Could Use Some Polishing

In response to Josh Larsen’s 683‑word review of Nebraska on LarsenOnFilm

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Josh Laren’s “Nebraska” reads like a pretty good rough draft of a movie review rather than the final product. Containing at least one standout typo, some half-formed thoughts, and a spoiler for the ending (even though it may be a vague spoiler) the review is ultimately a frustrating experience.

It’s a shame, because “Nebraska” could have been a good review if only it had been given a bit more attention before being unleashed on the public. Instead, each fault magnifies the next until they all overwhelm any good will that Larsen’s admittedly insightful analysis of the film might have engendered.

On the plus side, Larsen’s prose is clear and unpretentious. It’s easy to read despite its occasional flaws. He provides insight into the film’s characters and how they interact. In fact, it is mostly a character-driven piece, although he does not short change other aspects like the cinematography, pacing, or score. The content is there, just not the attention to detail.

That’s ultimately what makes “Nebraska” a frustrating experience: it’s so close to being good, but falls just a little short. If it had spent some more time in the incubation chamber before being hatched, it would have been better off for it.    

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