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Sandy Schaefer’s “Nebraska” Is a Sprawling Opus

In response to Sandy Schaefer’s 1190‑word review of Nebraska on ScreenRant

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Sandy Schaefer is not at a loss for words. His “‘Nebraska’ Review,” like the titular state, stretches out for miles, perfectly at home in its vastness. With all this space, Schaefer is free to explore the film at a leisurely pace, and he does just that, luxuriating in this great expanse by delving deeper into his analysis than most critics can or will.

Schaefer thankfully leaves the synopsis in his dust early on, devoting only a few short paragraphs to recapping before moving on to the heart of his review. The film is “cinematically poetic and impartial, yet compassionate” and “an elegant work of storytelling” with Dern delivering a “stirring performance.”

Much like the muted cinematography of the film, Schaefer’s writing is understated and unobtrusive, allowing readers enough freedom to find themselves in it. There’s no grandiose, flowery sentences or phrasing here, just plainly spoken prose that sheds just enough light to illuminate without blinding.

The problem with this style is that it has a tendency to be dull, a pitfall which Schaefer mostly avoids until the end, where the review stumbles awkwardly with a weak, milquetoast closing that should have been more forceful.

On the whole, though, this is great review with plenty to offer.    

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