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David Fear’s “I Give It a Year: Movie Review” Shows No Fear

In response to David Fear’s 283‑word review of I Give It a Year on Time Out New York

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David Fear’s “I Give It a Year: movie review” shows no fear in this scathing review. Fear uses a variety of methods to expose what he describes as the countless failures in this movie.

Each sentence he writes seethes with disdain and disapproval. It’s not just a passing notion though—he keeps his voice even and consistent until his last word, aka the fatal blow, about this film.

His tone of voice is most definitely sarcastic. Some of his words even come across as sassy. He sticks it to this film and makes no apologies. Fear is not easily impressed and it shows throughout this review. He holds films to a high standard and this one clearly does not reach it.

He takes the audience down the road of his disappointment and it’s as concise, focused, and spoiler-free as the best of them. One almost gets the sense that Fear doesn’t feel the movie is even worthy of being spoiled. It works to his favor.

The finale of this review leaves a lasting impression and leaves no room for confusion: Fear knows exactly how he feels and doesn’t sugarcoat a single thing. Its a very powerful work of criticism which will surely stand the test of time.    

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