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Josh Slater-Williams’s “Thor: The Dark World” Is Neat, Trim, but Blanched

In response to Josh Slater-Williams’s 290‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on The Skinny

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Josh Slater-Williams’s  “Thor: The Dark World” is a worthy enough piece of literature that gives the audience just what it needs and nothing more. It manages to stay out of the realm of average due to the adept skills of the writer.

Williams starts his piece off with a nice turn of phrase relating to the titular character’s grandfather and from that point on what is to follow just neatly falls into place afterwards. The writing, as the website’s name would imply, is skinny but not malnourished. The writers say what he needs to say and quickly moves along dedicating just enough time on each subject as not to bore the audience.

The central thesis, if there is one, revolves around the inconsistency of Thor’s narrative. Williams goes about examining why the film both fails and ultimately succeeds as a decent film. This section falls within the realm of pure subjectivity as the personal tastes of the critic materialize in the form of his like/dislike of certain characters. Though his perspectives are interesting he could have probably fleshed it out a bit more in order o not come off as disliking characters just for the sake of it.

Williams’s pragmatic review could have used more personality. Yet when it comes right down to it, it still manages, even in its vanilla tone, to outpace the glut of Thor reviews out there.    

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