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Dustin Putman’s “Ender’s Game (2013)” Creates Insight in Bad Territory

In response to Dustin Putman’s 954‑word review of Ender’s Game on

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Dustin Putman’s “Ender’s Game (2013)” is an acute, highly contextualized review that reads like a sociological adventure, while taking the reader by the hand into a landscape of compelling words and opinions.

With perseverance, Putman explores—in detail—the plot movements, character dynamics, and acting talents portrayed in Ender’s Game. He consistently uses an excellent deductive reasoning style that weaves key components of larger movie culture with Ender’s Game specifics into an engaging blanket sure to satisfy the content hunger of even the most discerning movie review reader.

Far beyond the training phase of writing, Putnam knows how to craft his language in ways that are both intelligent and accessible, yet never once compromises his ability to provide solid, example-driven opinions.

On the other hand, Putman’s review is such an obvious accomplishment that the tiny white font against the black background becomes an obvious bane for the eyes of the reader, making its production value plummet to the territory of ground zero.

In the final stretch, as the reader’s eyes begin to burn more and more, the grievously small, blurry font becomes an even greater issue. Putman’s skill of creating an outstanding review narrative thereby sets-up hope in the reader for a sequel of writing that will embrace stylistic quality alongside adequate presentation. By the last line, Putman attempts to alleviate the eye-burn with yet another insight, but overall, he deserves only a groaning salute.    

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