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Kofi Outlaw Watches the LoveFest From Afar in “‘Gravity’ Review”

In response to Kofi Outlaw’s 915‑word review of Gravity on ScreenRant

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The outstanding and fresh perspectives of Kofi Outlaw make “‘Gravity’ Review” essential reading.

Despite an early director spelling error, Review manages to deliver a performance that is not only entertaining, but inquisitive. Readers will surely acknowledge the critic as one of the great modern thinkers.

Review begins with a strong look at the director, cinematography and feel of the film. Outlaw refrains from expressing overly profound thoughts at this point, simply conveying what works in the film, and what doesn‘t, via respect and honesty.

After a surprising paragraph on the sound design, Review transitions and shifts the focus to the flaws of the film. Readers will be impressed by the vision of Outlaw who carefully examines the finer details of the storytelling, but also notes the all too familiar cliches. Readers will recognize and respect the sensibility of the critic, who recognizes the importance of the visuals, and overall technical achievements of the director.

The character analysis of Review is not extensive, but Outlaw offers enough information that will make one think twice about the subtext.

Review is bolstered by a remarkable visual appearance. The images are illustrious, and the supreme care taken by the critic shows respect for the reader. The amazing display is a strong base for the outstanding review. Outlaw’s Review is an experience that cannot be missed.    

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