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Mike D’Angelo’s “Cannes 2013” Is Bracingly Honest

In response to Mike D'Angelo’s 533‑word review of Nebraska on AV Club,98137/

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The first line of Mike D’Angelo’s “Cannes 2013,” feels like that glorious blast of air conditioning at a store’s entrance on a sweltering day. Refreshing like a punch in the face.

D’Angelo lets loose with the biggest secret in the business; psst: critics aren’t wholly objective. They bring a luggage cart full of emotional baggage to screenings which inevitably inform their opinions about the film. Their age, their current social life, their upbringing, even their lunches taint their perceptions which, in turn, taint the outcome of their review. There’s no such thing as unadulterated objectivity.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, everyone can quit pretending and go home right?

Not so fast.

Good critics, like Mr. D’Angelo, can turn this subjectivity to their favor by acknowledging it and making sweet, sweet art out of it.

That’s exactly what you’ll find here: a gorgeously intimate epistle from an invigoratingly honest critic whose prose will restore your faith in the pure beauty of film criticism.

The writing is pitch perfect and will make any lover of the literary arts grin with delight and, while D’Angelo threatens to get digressive once (a tangential foray into the definition of “Midwestern”), he rights the ship by tying everything together in an emotionally charged finale that will have readers feeling a good kind of wistful.    

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