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Don’t Bother With Lewis Bazley’s Shoddy “Kick-Ass 2”

In response to Lewis Bazley’s 509‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Sky Movies

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Lewis Bazley tried his best to string together a few sentences and create a review worth reading but unfortunately his grammar, obscure idioms, and plenty of other issues to warrant a pass.“Kick-Ass 2” is a useless and frustrating affair.

Bazley’s commentary doesn’t simply border on the obvious, it has staked a claim in the heart of the territory and is fighting off Indians as we speak. He writes as if surprised that the film, a sequel, had a similar premise to the original. Someone in Bazley’s life would do well to explain to him how sequels work. While they‘re at it, they could explain to him how commas work. He doesn’t seem to know.

Right from his first sentence, Bazley will leave readers with brows furrowed, scrathing their bemused heads. His sentences are confusing attempts at sounding smooth.

He does a poor job of separating his negative comments from his positive ones. The result is a strange melange of criticism that will leave readers disoriented, wondering which way is up.

The lack of good content is a shame because the presentation is actually top notch. A large colorful banner replaces small screen shots, and the layout is blessedly free of distracting links and ads. Unfortunately, this will be one of the few times when those ads would have provided a welcome distraction.    

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