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Rebecca Murray’s “‘Gravity’ Movie Review” Gets Lost

In response to Rebecca Murray’s 872‑word review of Gravity on

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Rebecca Murray’s “‘Gravity’ Movie Review: Lose Yourself in This Epic Lost in Space Tale” is a long review that gets lost in blasé language and redundancy.

Murray begins with an ineffective contradiction between two sentences, and moves directly into a similar style of repetitive words and ideas. For all the heart Murray says the film has, she never conveys this assessment to the reader in a way that is believable or engaging. Her plot summary is unbelievably dry and tedious.

Lose Yourself‘s presentation leaves much to be desired, and the teeny-tiny pictures from the movie are so small they’re absurd. While this may provide a moment of comic relief to the reading audience, it certainly doesn’t spur increased reader engagement.

Just when Murray appears to find some flow to her writing style, she resorts to even more over-use of adjectives and adverbs than she used at the beginning. This blubbery style is followed by a glaring grammar error that anyone who has passed the 9th grade will want to edit immediately.

Even if the reader is in the most comfortable seat possible with lots of spare time, Lose Yourself won’t justify the time you spend on it.    

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