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Leslie Felperin’s “Review: ‘The World’s End’” Is Confident but Peters Out

In response to Leslie Felperin’s 806‑word review of The World's End on Variety

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Leslie Felperin’s “Film Review: ‘The World’s End’ proves to be a surprisingly accessible entry into Variety’s canon of film reviews. Notably overlong and dense as a rule, Felperin bucks the trend and creates a review that is insightful without taking itself too seriously.

Felperin’s review, as is the norm with Variety reviews, has a short, bold-lettered sampler, followed by a lengthier dive into the material. Impressively, once Felperin enters the review proper, there is nary a mention of the other two films in the “trilogy.” To make matters even sweeter, Felperin takes time to focus her lens briefly on some of the other main characters, such as the often overlooked Paddy Considine. It makes for a fresh and thorough journey that will leave readers both edified and satisfied.

Felperin shines most brightly in passages where she describes the elements at work in the realm of goings-on one step removed from the film’s contents. Her wrestle with the film’s marketing departments choice of spoilers is a magnificent bit of “what-could-have-been,” and her astute breakdown of which types of individuals will most enjoy the film feel relevant, fresh, and spot-on.

It’s a shame then, that Film Review ends on such a disappointing low after reaching such wondrous heights. Call it an error in organization, but to watch the paragraphs slowly devolve into what rings of an uninspired acceptance speech is terribly sad.    

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