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Bill Gibron’s “Okie Dokie Loki: ‘Thor-the Dark World’” Swoons for Loki

In response to Bill Gibron’s 980‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on PopMatters

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In “Okie Dokie Loki: ‘Thor-The Dark World’”, Bill Gibron lets readers know from outset who the real star of the new Thor movie is. Indeed, Gibron doesn’t even identify Chris Hemsworth as playing the title character until more than halfway through the review; he mentions Natalie Portman, the most decorated actor of the bunch, only in relating plot details.

Hemsworth may be reprising his chiseled yet boring hunk role from the first Thor, Portman her eye-candy one—still Gibron spends too many pixels praising the actor portraying Thor’s mischievous half brother Loki.

 Okie Dokie Loki isn’t strange for focusing on the not uncommon occurrence of a side character stealing the movie from a dull protagonist; but Gibron takes Okie Dokie Loki into strange new territory when he begins advising Marvel on how better to integrate the realm of Asgard into the burgeoning Marvel movie universe.

It’s a testament to the expansiveness and the degree to which the movie industry has bought into the comic company’s program when a critic would offer advice such as: “if Marvel hopes to continue on with this hammer wielding hunk, it has to find better solo properties than this.”

By the end of Okie Dokie Loki, Gibron’s Loki-lobbying becomes tiresome and takes space away from his more interesting thoughts on, for example, the difference in abilities between the directors of the two Thor movies.    

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