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Ali Gray Is the Shiznit Monet in “Dark World”

In response to Ali Gray’s 834‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on

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How is this review? The review is fine. Is that vague enough? Readers will be pleased that Ali Gray’s latest work isn’t as vague as the opening and closing lines. There must be a certain crowd that will fall out of their chair in laughter, but the average reader will likely be unimpressed. Regardless, Gray delivers a magnificent performance in“Review: Thor: The Dark World.”

One will immediately recognize that Gray is dedicated to his work and his audience. The paragraphs of Dark World are lengthy and rich with analysis and humor. Although Grey inserts “bumhole,” “shit,” and “balls” into Dark World, the critic clearly has a strong sense of writing and knows how to reach his core audience. However, it might be possible to maintain a high level of humor while tightening up the Shiznit style.

Dark World has everything one looks for in a solid critique. Gray is always analyzing rather than describing, and he conveys the visuals of the film like a pro. Some might even call Gray “The Shiznit Monet” because he is clearly a great impressionistic mind.

Ali Gray’s Dark World is funny, comprehensive and essential reading. It’s the Shiznit (has that joke been used before?)   

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