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Kate Erbland’s “Thor: The Dark World’ Is Marvel’s Worst” Is Worster

In response to Kate Erbland’s 1020‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on

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Kate Erbland’s “Thor: The Dark World’ Is Marvel’s Worst” executes a trenchant vocabulary exercise, using the word “dunderhead” in a playful way while tightening the screws in an “inevitable and unnecessary” film. Sadly, after such a strong blow, the rest of the review is Midgard gruel.

Erbland starts with the false premise that Marvel and Disney have a master plan for making a string of blockbuster hits,  and that Thor’s latest adventure has missed the target in this mythical strategic insight. There is no Grand Puba of blockbusters in Hollywood, however, as anyone who has actually worked in that circus will tell you.

Worse for Erbland, beyond the utter non-existence requirement she believes the film fails to grasp, is that it’s an action film with too much exposition and makes no sense. She makes the argument that Thor unto himself is uninteresting which for the thousands that are running to the cinema, will come as some surprise. For Erbland, a handsome god-man who digs earth chicks and smashes evil is not compelling. To each their own.

Worst of all, the action sequence aren’t good, says Erbland. They are long, boring, and don’t mean anything. Yet underneath this disdain is a truth. Erbland seems to be pining for an Iron Man with hammers.  

Marvel’s Worst fails to create a compelling and credible argument. According to Erbland Thor fails to be other movies, can’t be itself, and when it is itself, is boring. The only thing that could save this film, it would appear, is its utter and complete non-existence.    

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