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Rebecca Cusey’s “Let the Revolution Begin!” Lacks Sophistication or Wit

In response to Rebecca Cusey’s 749‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Patheos

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It’s OK to use a casual, colloquial tone in a movie review if that tone is backed up with a generous amount of humor. When there’s no humor to be found, though, that casualness becomes more of a hindrance than a help, making the review just seem unprofessional. That’s unfortunately the case with Rebecca Cusey’s “Review: Let the Revolution begin! ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Inspires,” which is too colloquial to be taken seriously and too serious to be entertaining.

When describing a bleak dystopian world in which violence and oppression are rampant, throwing in phrases like “it’s a doozy” is just not the most appropriate stylistic choice. That’s not to say that everything has to be dour and super-serious, but it at least has to be a little bit consistent.

Let the Revolution begin! is not consistent, though, from its tone to the randomness of the capitalization in its title. It’s not all bad. Cusey does inject some welcome insight into the movie during the course of her review. But it’s not consistently good, and that’s a problem.

With just a little more polish and consistency, Let the Revolution begin! could have been a good review. Instead, it never quite catches fire.    

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