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Willie Waffle’s “Hungry for the Wolf” Is Surprisingly Decent

In response to Willie Waffle’s 534‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on

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Willie Waffle has, at times, been the butt of the joke in critical circles. Even the name Willie Waffle invokes a feeling of goofiness (if this is Mr. Waffle’s given name, then apologies are forthcoming), but he’s been delivering the goods of late (or delivering better goods—who knows—it’s a dumb metaphor).

“Wolf Of Wall Street – Not Feeling Hungry for The Wolf – Review” is a great example.

Where previous efforts bore the hallmarks of amateurism (the “in my opinions,” the poorly thought out critiques, etc), Hungry for the Wolf feels like a review from a professional.  

Waffle adopts a traditional structure—he understands that reinventing the wheel isn’t a great idea here. The open has your requisite one-liner verdict, then there’s the succinct plot recap which is followed by some relatively extensive critique.

What keeps this one out of the top tier, though, is the writing. Waffle has shown improvement in this area, but not enough to keep it from dragging the rest of the proceedings down. The dead weight here comes in the form of a smattering of awkwardly formed sentences, some transitions that don’t make the cut, and a draconian insistence of two spaces between sentences.  

Waffle’s given readers something worthwhile here, but it still can’t be called great.    

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