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Williams’s “Mesmerizing, Multi-Layered Mystery” Is Several Layers of Awful

In response to Kam Williams’s 467‑word review of Prisoners on

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Of the 467 words that make up Kam Williams’s “Parents and Police Search for Kidnapped Kids in Mesmerizing, Multi-Layered Mystery,” approximately 75 of the words are devoted to actually reviewing the movie Prisoners. The rest are all recap. In those 75 words, the word “compelling” is used twice, proving the review to be anything but.

Almost an entire paragraph of the review is written in question format. Will such-and-such happen? How about this other thing? Then the final sentence of the paragraph, still in question form, but whoops, Williams forgot to end it with a question mark and used a period instead. It’s not like there wasn’t a clear pattern to follow from the previous sentences. This is just sloppy, thoughtless writing.

While it would be nice to point out some positives about this review, some redeeming qualities, there are none. It is the laziest sort of review imaginable, filling space with a recap of the movie and barely even bothering to present an opinion on it.

Kam Williams should be ashamed to present this as a piece of film criticism, and readers should stay far, far away from it. Parents and Police Search for Kidnapped Kids is one review that never should have seen the light of day.    

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