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Pauline Adamek Loves Bullock’s Performance; Say Little in “Gravity”

In response to Pauline Adamek’s 587‑word review of Gravity on FILMINK (Australia)

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Pauline Adamek crafts a love letter to Sandra Bullock’s performance in “Gravity,” however fails to adequately analyze the performance.

The open of “Gravity” begins with a clear statement from the critic, and immediately moves on to a bulky commentary on the past cinematic exploits of Bullock. One might assume that the critic is leading into a larger point, dovetailing into a consideration of Bullock’s latest role. Those naive readers will be disappointed with the lack of detail dedicated to the performance and the general lack of payoff to the structure.

By the time director Alfonso Cuaron is acknowledged (249 words in), The handling of Bullock’s underwear-clad character is noted by Adamek, which also turns out to be the most substantial commentary on the performance in the second half of the review.

“Gravity” notes the authenticity of the film as a whole, along with the director’s talents, however Adamek fails to effectively convey the feelings that the audience may experience through the characters. Words such as “panic” and “adversity” are used, however they are unlikely to move many as they are wielded wildly, without precision or care.

The problem with“Gravity” is the inability of the critic to focus on the external rather than the internal. The general audience knows the basic premise of the film, but will find little connection to the mundane exploration of the character analysis, especially by excluding George Clooney almost entirely.    

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