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Linda Barnard’s “Romcom With a Nasty Streak: Review” Tells All in Beautiful Prose

In response to Linda Barnard’s 636‑word review of I Give It a Year on Toronto Star

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Linda Barnard’s “I Give It a Year is a romcom with a nasty streak: review” is framed charmingly in’s nicely tuned frame, and with a embedded youtube trailer to whet your appetite, her review offers a hearty treatment geared towards sophisticated readers.

Barnard’s command of the English language is evident right off the bat, as she deftly includes the word “acerbic” without skipping a beat, and a delicately peppers the opening sequence with a string of carefully-crafted idioms.

Movie buffs worldwide will appreciate her inclusion of not only cast members, but production staff as well. The number of name-dropping going on nearly leads readers to expect Kevin Bacon’s name to show up at some point.

The analysis portion of the review melts in with an extended plot synopsis, and a good deal is divulged. Those wishing to avoid spoiler ought best steer clear. In a refreshing conclusion, Barnard offers that the film is “a new twist to the classic happy-ever-after tale,” but determines that no character is worth investing in. This type of evidence-based pontification is a breath of fresh air in contrast to the baseless opinionated tripe that is often passed off as a review.

If moviegoers are OK with a plot briefing, this review will likely please; if not, be warned.    

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