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Jim Vejvoda’s “Furnace Review” Will Make You Book a Ticket to Pennsylvania

In response to Jim Vejvoda’s 905‑word review of Out of the Furnace on IGN Movies

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Jim Vejvoda excites with the written word in the dark yet intriguing “Out of the Furnace Review.” The critic has produced a spectacular piece of art to kick off the review season for the latest Christian Bale flick. A hot cup of cocoa and a creepy instrumental are recommended during the reading.

The visuals of Furnace Review are beyond breath-taking. The massive header image of Christian Bale speaks to the reader from the web page, as the small profile pic of the critic smirks at the reader as if to say “Yeah, that’s right.”

Furnace Review will undoubtedly be a major hit due to Vejvodo’s outstanding structure and storytelling. The Pennsylvania setting is conveyed with piercing prose that plops one down right in the steel town of Braddock. Check you face because you might just have grown a beard.

Vejvodo’s analysis of the lead performances is truly remarkable, and he takes precious time to properly break down each character. One may feel like they are old drinking buds with Russell and Rodney, and want to get caught up since they are not on Facebook. It’s a dark story so one should be emotionally prepared for the experience.

A late comparison to Michael Cimino (The Deer Hunter) may cause pure stress for some readers and lead to binge trailer watching.

Overall, the critic does an excellent job of informing the reader about director Scott Cooper, Eddie Vedder’s musical contributions, and conveying the larger-than-life performances.

Furnace Review is essential reading. Vejvodo’s commitment to film criticism is inspiring and readers will surely become giddy with excitement.    

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