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Jackie K. Cooper’s “Gravity” Is Almost Campy Enough to Enjoy

In response to Jackie K. Cooper’s 416‑word review of Gravity on

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Jackie K. Cooper’s “Gravity,” along with the rest of Cooper’s site, will have readers and visitors wondering if Cooper is in on the joke. Not only is the site’s design a note perfect parody of the silliest vanity project, the writing has all the elements of a good writer showcasing what bad writing looks like.

At one point, Cooper casually describes the film as “will they or won’t they make it back to earth safely.” Because, you know, that’s totally a thing. The injection of a phrase almost exclusively reserved for sexual tension into a life or death situation that, to be fair, still involves a man and a woman (wouldn’t that have been something?) will draw more than a few laughs. The question remains about whether or not the effect is intentional.

That type of fun and earnest writing will inevitably carry readers quickly through the just right 416 word count. Any more time with Cooper and the joke might wear thin, but at least the pacing of the piece is spot on.

Cooper is so gleefully far from passing himself off as a professional critic that he intentionally avoids any analysis of the film. The last third of the review consists of mentioning areas that could be discussed, without discussing any of them. Flaws are acknowledged, without being named. Potential interpretations are mentioned though Cooper doesn’t adopt any. His complete lack of opinion, is actually quite hilarious. Hopefully, he agrees.    

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