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“Escapist Fun” by Jason Gorber Is Sponsored by Reference Wonderland

In response to Jason Gorber’s 646‑word review of Escape Plan on Twitch

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If you’re not pleased by Jason Gorber’s “Review: ESCAPE PLAN Is Escapist Fun,” then you might be a movie villain (or play one on TV.)

Escapist Fun is direct, intellectual and a pleasure to read. The opening statement will blow your hair back, and one may have to collect themselves after the dose of friendly honesty. The critic is successful with the direct approach of the introduction, and it paves the way for a little razzle dazzle.

One should know that Jason Gorber is a master of the reference. They are dished out with care in Escapist Fun, and placed with poignant precision. For example, The Searchers nod in the open isn’t just thrown out wildly to the reader, but has a very specific purpose that is deep and meaningful. Readers will applaud Gorber for his superior handling, and even for referencing one of his own previous reviews.

Gorber isn’t Truffaut-like with the character analysis, but the brilliance of Escapist Fun is the amazing open. The technique allows the critic to move past the mystique of the leads, and explore all the quirks of the script while delivering a fun but thought-provoking review.

The writing is smooth, the humor is enjoyable and the final paragraph is outstanding.

Escapist Plan should immediately be placed on everyone’s reading list.    

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