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Brian Orndorf’s Poetically Edgy “Out of the Furnace” Is a Marvel

In response to Brian Orndorf’s 747‑word review of Out of the Furnace on

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There is much to admire in Brian Orndorf’s “Out of the Furnace,” from the critic’s skills of observation to the way he combines his words, making this as compelling a piece as there is to read in this review season.

His prose reads as kind of a rough poetry. You really do have to admire a critic not afraid to call a film “satisfyingly bleak” or “compellingly irritable.” Say those phrases out loud to see how well they soar off the tongue, like well-shot arrows. Orndorf is unflinching in addressing the dark aspects of the film, while understanding that there can still be beauty found in films such as this one.

Whether observing how the film channels “the austerity of 1970’s cinema with a touch of folksy poetry,” commenting on one actor’s “focused, agonized performance” or noting how the film’s director/writer “doesn’t value dialogue, he treasures expressive facial features,” his finely tuned examinations always ring true.

This critic is even gracious enough to avoid spoilers while, at the same time, letting the audience know this film may not go in the direction they expect. The same can be said for this wonderful review; it has its shares of surprises.

Out of the Furnace is an edgy piece that combines beauty with a raw style that is a marvel to behold. One might even call it a minor miracle.    

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