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Matt Zoller Seitz Is the BOSS (“Bow-Sss”) of Bro Tragedy in “The Furnace”

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The world owes Matt Zoller Seitz a huge thank you for his beautiful breakdance of the written word in “Out of the Furnace.” MZS produces a one-thousand word takedown that will leave readers stunned. The outstanding literary acumen of Seitz is a joy to read, and his deep critique is a perfect holiday treat.

The Furnace is a story of Bro Tragedy, and Seitz crafts a lengthy work that may lead some to believe that he explored the woods of Pennsylvania while doing research for his method review. It’s a complete critique highlighted by laugh-out-loud moments and deep insight that allows one to walk away satisfied and silly with Seitz-isms.

Seitz makes several references to the cinematic past in The Furnace, and even serves up a little of The Boss, Bruce Springsteen. One will surely recognize that MZS is indeed the Boss of Bro Tragedies. The sweet concoction of context and humor sets the stage for character analysis, and the critic raises the review roof by detailing out the specifics of each character and all their flaws. One may feel a close connection to Russell and Rodney by the end of the piece.

Seitz succeeds in a big way with The Furnace due to his ability to express why the film has a clear identity crisis. Piercing lines such as “emotionally-numb-De Niro thing” help drive home points about Christian Bale’s character, and each of the main players are analyzed with a healthy dose of critique. MZS is always fair and makes sure to  acknowledge the bright spots of the film, but overall his spectacular review is a powerful piece on the tragedy of a modern bro tragedy.

The Furnace is an instant-classic, and Matt Zoller Seitz should definitely have a monster poster of his face somewhere in the halls of the Ebert office.    

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