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Kristy Puchko’s “Furnace Review” Is Subjective and Deeply Moving

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Kristy Puchko is your dining room friend in the deeply personal “Out Of The Furnace.” It’s not difficult to imagine the critic sitting across from you while sipping on drinks and discussing the latest flick. The Puchko Style is subjective and readers may want to cancel afternoon plans to make time for the critic’s concerns.

Although one can appreciate the personal tone of The Furnace, the writing feels a bit clunky at times and Puchko never busts out the big guns. For example, the critic notes early on that “Bale is interesting as Russell,” and also notes at the end of the piece that “some of the performances” are “interesting.” What exactly makes the performances interesting?

KP does a fine job of noting the flaws of Casey Affleck’s performance in The Furnace, but seems to be intimidated by the power of Bale. The steady use of exclamation points may be a nervous tick.

Puchko pays special attention to director Scott Cooper in The Furnace, and points out all the particulars of the plot that don’t seem to fit. A reference to The Deer Hunter finds its way into the piece (no surprise), but the critic’s work is definitely far from ordinary.

The Furnace is a piece for the deep thinker, and Puchko’s tone is warm and engaging.    

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