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Steven Rea Serves Up Another Monitor Face-Planter With “A Little”

In response to Steven Rea’s 549‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Philadelphia Inquirer

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Steven Rea manages to offer the basic essentials for his followers in the snoozeriffic “The Hobbit is shorter (a little) and better (a bit).” In fact, the title is arguably the most original part of the entire piece. Philly can rejoice by knowing that they are the home to a great title mind.  

We have seen some fantastic reviews from Mr. Rea over the months and also some that inspire the monitor face-plant. A Little is one of those brutal reviews. The critic concocts a mixture of bland material and boring writing which ultimately leads to said face-plant. No one likes to explain that a black eye was caused by a horrible review.

In case you haven’t heard, Hobbit films are long and Rea squeezes out just about everything he can from this fact in A Little. Throw in a little plot summary and weak character analysis and you will find devastated Hobbit nerds everywhere.

When it comes to the titular Smaug in, the critic attempts to razzle-dazzle with “writhing and reptilian, he is” but ultimately only comes up with “impressive” when it comes to actual critique. One will also learn that the characters do a lot of frowning, which will surely cause the average reader to frown and quietly whisper “Oh, Stevey.” The final paragraph doesn’t get any better as Rea describes the film as “a story of courage and adventure.” Welcome to 1937 brainstorming session of Tolkien’s publicist.

Steven Rea’s A Little is somewhat offensive.    

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