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Clint O’Connor’s “‘Ender’s Game: ‘” Effortlessly Delivers Info

In response to Clint O'Connor’s 595‑word review of Ender’s Game on Cleveland Plain Dealer

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Clint O’Connor’s “‘Ender’s Game’: Engrossing sci-fi adventure with Harrison Ford, Asa Butterfield (review)” is presented with an easy writing style that’s enjoyable. All of the key elements of a good movie review are delivered effortlessly, as though O’Connor connected to the great muse of no-nonsense.

O’Connor starts off the review with a whammy of writing voice that’s a wee-bit confrontational and homely, yet highly effective for engaging the reader. It’s like sitting on the couch with a kind, unshaven Grandpa figure—one who rants and throws-out opinion like he’s throwing a familiar softball, while not being squeamish about saying he hasn’t even read Ender’s Game, the book. If the world were about to be destroyed, O’Connor’s the guy readers might want to keep things focused and practical, who would have the stockpile of canned vegetables and bottled water (in BPA-free plastic) in his basement, just in case.

O’Connor provides a number of compelling reasons to watch Ender’s Game, and it’s clear that he enjoyed watching the film, which immerses the reader into his perspective even furthers. He’s sharply attuned to the content and characters of the film, as well as what makes for entertaining sentences. He conveys humorous insight to the reading audiences with ease, as though he’s telling a political joke to an old friend that he feels very comfortable with.

The unique presentation of basic movie info (length, actors) in the middle of Engrossing sci-fi adventure offers a great alternative to the same-old formats employed by the vast majority of movie reviewers. The large font and lack of blinky advertisements further add to the presentation merits.

Engrossing sci-fi adventure is ultimately a popcorn review, aimed at all ages and demographics. O’Connor does not reinvent movie review writing or add anything spectacular, but he’s always on a roll and ultimately gives a great rundown of Ender’s Game to wide reading audiences.    

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