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Keith Uhlich Struggles to Produce Full Critique in “Fire: Movie”

In response to Keith Uhlich’s 384‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Time Out New York

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Keith Uhlich will surely disappoint legions of review connoisseurs worldwide with the devastatingly weak “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: movie review.” One may be led to believe that Uhlich was on a tough deadline or perhaps leaving early for a vacation. The four paragraphs consist mostly of summary, and it’s difficult to imagine how a veteran like Uhlich could mail it in.

The header image is arguably the best part of Fire: movie, and even it is somewhat boring. Uhlich fails to produce a clear argument at the top of the review, and gently shoves the reader into two paragraphs of plot summary. The critic merely describes the film to the reader without injecting any of the sizzle or analysis that fans have come to expect from Uhlich.  Hunger Games fanatics may begin to tremble with fear.

Uhlich conveys the epic nature of the franchise in the third paragraph of Fire: movie, and proceeds to give a little credit to director Francis Lawrence. One will likely offer a virtual salute to the critic, but gently weep when he fails to expand.

Fire: movie concludes by glossing over the film without saying anything important. Uhlich fails to address the performance of Jennifer Lawrence, and essentially acknowledges that he did actually see the film.

Fire: movie is lazy and shows little respect for the audience.    

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