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Jason Best Is All Razzle Dazzle in “Pitches Zingers”

In response to Jason Best’s 486‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Movie Talk

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Jason Best has managed to create the very rare visual stunner/content snoozer (VSCS) with the highly disappointing “Thor: The Dark World—Hemsworth’s hero heaves his hammer again—and pitches zingers, too.” The loyal fans of Best will be proud of the critic for his heavy work on the magnificent title, but unfortunately the main body of the work is more of an exciting summary than actual critique.

The visuals of Pitches Zingers are on another level, just like the title. Best clearly is a great image mind, but it’s unfortunate that he couldn’t get his review game together and offer the reader a truly transcendental experience.

Best opens Pitches Zingers with a weak paragraph that says nothing about the actual film. It’s all style over substance, which will lead the review connoisseur to tense up. After the cutesy open, Best continues on with an all-out summary assault, and manages to produce a few lines of critique along the way. One may yawn due to the snoozer quality of the review despite the placement of glorious images.

Pitches Zingers concludes with two paragraphs of legitimate critique. Thor crazies of the world will be happy about the respect given to director Alan Taylor, but may scream with horror when the piece ends and their Thor/Loki hunger has not been satisfied.

Jason Best is all razzle dazzle in Pitches Zingers, and the audience will be hurt by his inability to pitch a little critique.    

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