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Travis Hopson’s “Movie Review: “Voluble, but Valuable

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In “Movie Review: ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Starring Jennifer Lawrence”, Travis Hopson paints a beautiful portrait of beautiful imagery and intertwining thought, while remaining humble throughout.

Hopson waxes poetic, but it’s the passion he draws upon to do so that give the poetry life. The intricate wordplay bewitches the spirit, the colorful symbolism captivates the imagination, and the alliterative analogies appeal to the inner-child. What’s more, the clever innuendos, laid with the strategic care of a marine saboteur, disarm the audience’s resolve with cunning lethality. What you have, then, is a true gem that shines as brilliant as the author who penned it.

The one potential pitfall that manifests early on is the threat of excessive disclosure. Comprehensive commentary rarely comes without the risk of spoiling the intrigue, and this is no exception. Fortunately, he remains mindful of this and keeps the appropriate detachment between himself and the subject - remarkably without sacrificing passion in the process.

All told, “Movie Review: …” is a blueprint for how to write at great length without letting the sound of one’s own voice get in the way. The reader would do well to pick up and study this manuscript carefully. For this is the bar that future works will likely be measured against.    

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