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Rebecca Cusey’s “Regret a Trip” Is Heart Warming and Flawed

In response to Rebecca Cusey’s 719‑word review of Nebraska on Patheos

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Game-changer. Rebecca Cusey offers such a jolly good time in “Review: You Will Not Regret a Trip to Nebraska,” that one might be able to forget the complete failure to address the lead performance of Bruce Dern or even acknowledge the film’s director, Alexander Payne.

Regret a Trip is visually fantastic, which adds to the strange quality of the piece. Cusey produces four moving  images throughout the body of the work, which will lead many readers to pause and reflect on the past.

The beginning of Regret A Trip ponders the current options available to the public, and the critic immediately injects her work with a touch of humor. Cusey transitions into the plot summary with alluring prose, and the overall feel is quite comforting. It’s a zen-like experience that will please the audience.

Regret a Trip is a meditation on the Midwest. It’s not entirely clear if Cusey has actually been to the land based on her writing, but her intentions are undoubtedly pure and true.

There is a startling lack of character analysis in Regret a Trip, which is a big surprise given the heart-warming quality of the review. Cusey only manages to reference poor Bruce Dern in the conclusion and references Will Forte as the lead. Little is said about either character, however the stylish and funny writing of the critic makes the experience worthwhile. The world awaits more Cusey.

Regret a Trip is a pleasant surprise, and Existimatum readers will be pleased with the Nell Minow shout-out.    

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