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Robbie Collin’s “The Counsellor, Review” Is Lazy and Self-Indulgent

In response to Robbie Collin’s 401‑word review of The Counselor on Daily Telegraph

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It’s that time again, folks. Prepare yourself for yet another critic who mails it in because the film wasn’t up to standards. In fact, Robbie Collin’s “The Counsellor, review” is not only horrible, but he indulges in his own writing. The startling lack of critique is just plain lazy.

Collin describes the basics of the lead character in Counsellor, review, but is unable to provide any original thoughts about Michael Fassbender’s performance or how the character is important to the film. See, the critic didn’t like the film so the critique that one would normally expect from a “critic” goes out the window.

The third of the five paragraphs in Counsellor, review offers the most insight, however it’s only a way for Collin to reference Nietzsche, Jim Jarmusch and Chuck Palahniuk without saying anything important. It would have done the critic some good to actually supply a tiny bit of analysis to go along with his wordplay.

Counsellor, review is so bad that Collin can’t even muster up a single thought on the director Ridley Scott. Sure, he mentions him by name, but is certainly not prepared to explore the techniques used in the film. It’s all a bunch of snark and fluff—the classic concoction of a critic who abandons the duties of his job.

Counsellor, review has its moments, but ultimately gives up on the audience.    

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