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Mike Scott’s “Thor: The Dark World” Is Hit or Miss

In response to Mike Scott’s 963‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Times-Picayune

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Mike Scott’s latest offering, “‘Thor: The Dark World’ movie review: Superhero sequel is big, brawny, loud—and unimpressive,” is a frustrating affair. One moment, Scott will offer legitimate, well-articulated arguments and the next, he’s delivering awkward phrases and unworthy tangents.

It’s a tale of two critics, but which one will win the day?

Scott needlessly wastes half his review indulging in a long discussion of the ins and outs of the juggernaut Marvel franchise. It’s perfectly fine to mention  The Dark World’s place in the Marvel Universe; it gives the film context and helps readers see the bigger picture. However, devoting nearly 500 words to it before getting to a critique is overkill and almost dares you to give up reading.

He does finally get to a breakdown of the film, and that’s where the review hits its stride. Scott doesn’t skimp and it shows; he spends plenty of time critiquing the performance and has valid things to say about the film virtues (or lack thereof).

Unfortunately, the Times Picayune site is rife with annoying pop up ads. This is not the critic’s fault, but it will effect your enjoyment, so it’s worth a mention.

In the end, Scott’s admirable analysis isn’t enough to lift this one out of average-ville.    

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