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Bill Clark Changes the Game in “The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)”

In response to Bill Clark’s 616‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on FromTheBalcony

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Nary is a synopsis so artfully compiled as how Bill Clark does in his latest work, “The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)”. This is indeed a piece that will make one forget everything they think they know about compelling analytical assessment.

The set-up is executed flawlessly, with Clark presenting enough background information on the subject to support his thesis, and yet not so much that it spoils the piece. He then guides his audience joyfully through the world the characters inhabit, while simultaneously building his case. The two actions are so seamlessly interwoven, it’s difficult to tell which is which sometimes. But it nary matters because both are extremely effective. So effective in fact that the audience can see the author’s final deliberation long before the satisfying conclusion.

The size of the piece is rather large, but suits the story the author is trying to tell.  Indeed, there doesn’t seem to be much fat to trim such as not to diminish the effectiveness of his argument. And even if there was, it is far too ingrained in the rest of the text to bother weeding it out. Besides, a little fat is healthy sometimes. Indeed, the reader won’t mind chewing on it, as well as the lean and succulent meat that defines this appetizing textual entree.

There are few authors that are so gifted, they transcend the rules of their craft. Clark is one of those few. He nearly reinvents literary assessment in a style tailor made for his unique voice. But that’s how trends are started. No doubt his peers will take notice and attempt to follow his road to the top.    

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