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Mendez’s, “KICK-ASS 2 Movie Review” Lives Life Like a Hero

In response to Jolene Mendez’s 402‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Entertainment Spectrum

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In Jolene Mendez’s “KICK-ASS 2 Movie Review”, we find a review that embraces the film and even has the courage to spell the villain’s name.  

There’s an ode to comic books themselves in that Mendez writes with a similar cadence and rhythm, it almost sounds like the narration of an episode of the old 1960’s Batman TV show.

But Mendez, like good comic book writers, also appreciates what’s not being said, simply implied, in the film: that in the great scheme of things, these heroics are spectacles without meaning.

It’s a nice touch that makes Mendez’s work stick out of the pack. She knows the film’s strengths and weaknesses. The review is clear on the strengths and weaknesses under purview, and suffers from what is the natural need for explaining the same plot points we all need to know.

What is most impressive is Mendez’s analysis is the sense of mystery and intrigue she creates. How can her audience’s expectations be surpassed? Mendez won’t say, but weaves such a solid review that they’ll be agreeing with her assertions before they’ve even seen the film.

That’s a rare gift in a review: readers sense they know the movie, yet not clearly enough to miss out on the experience themselves. In short, this is a reviewer’s review.    

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