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Ian Buckwalter’s Takes Down P-Jack’s Lounge Act in “More Baggage”

In response to Ian Buckwalter’s 731‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on NPR

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Now Playing In Middle Earth: Peter Jackson’s Greatest Hits featuring…BIG STUFF! Ian Buckwalter is stern but fair in the enlightening “Bilbo’s Back, With More Baggage Than Ever.”

Buckwalter doesn’t whine and run from his own job in More Baggage, but rather embraces the stressful task of writing a full critique and he does so with the honor of ten Bilbos. Speaking of the lead character, it’s nice to find a critic that actually comments on the lead performance of Martin Freeman. The recent wave of half-assed, formulaic five-hundred word reviews is offensive for all, but Buckwalter breaks free and simply will not be associated with such mediocrity.

More Baggage strips away all the cliche BS, and explains what exactly one can expect to find in the film. Buckwalter acknowledges the razzle-dazzle factor of director Peter Jackson’s visuals, but certainly doesn’t believe they should be plopped on the audience in place of narrative.

One may simply cry from laughter when the critic notes “The Desolation of Smaug starts to feel like Peter Jackson as lounge act,” however Frodo freaks may cry due to pure sadness. Buckwalter seems aware of these dangers, and crafts his words with style and heart.

Ian Buckwalter delivers a proper critique with More Baggage, and the uninspired critic will surely pause and tell himself “yeah, that’s some classic IBC. Dang.”   

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