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Leonard Maltin’s Brief “Furnace” Still Hits All the Right Notes

In response to Leonard Maltin’s 279‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Leonard Maltin's Picks

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Not a hint of pretense ever infects Leonard Maltin’s work and that’s been one of the secrets to his success. It’s reviewing for the masses and Maltin is the perfect, unassuming everyman. There’s no self importance or sickeningly saccharine language here; just a guy who loves movies, and tells you in simple terms why they work or don’t (a tougher task than it may seem).

The same is true here, as Maltin takes on the sophomore effort from director Scott Cooper in his review “Out of the Furnace.”

On his site, Movie Crazy, Maltin has chosen the short form review, and it mostly works thanks to his gift for concision, but, in this case, 279 words feels a little too brief and readers may find themselves scrolling down the page to find the missing text.

Maltin, though, in his excellence, has found a way to cover all the bases in those paltry 279 words, blazing through the plot summary in seconds flat and moving on to succinct, perfectly-worded critique that hits on the problems with the acting, the direction and the pacing, even throwing in a worthy premise for good measure (this would have been an exploitation flick in the 70s).

You just can’t go wrong with Maltin. This may not be his most verbose review, but it’s far from a clunker.    

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